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Many people have labels and label collections that have been passed down to them by their families. Sometimes, they have "...five of my Grandad's labels from his farm." And sometimes they have large collections given to them by someone who worked in the agriculture industry. One man had a collection with hundreds of orange labels from southern California, which had been assembled at the turn of the century by a boy on a bike riding around to the different packing houses. Another man found a box in the attic of a home he bought in Boston, containing about 100 labels which had been meticulously soaked off of boxes in the 1930s. Labels show up everywhere. A couple peolle had "grocery bags" of uncut sheets of labels from the presses of Schmidt Litho in the 1910s!!! Their grandfathers being pressmen there. Some farmers have extraordinary collections, that in their elder years, want to find a good home for and make a modest profit at the same time.

If you have labels and you are trying to find out the value of, or trying to sell them, I can help. All Appraisal values for labels are based on my twenty-eight years of extensive collecting, research and computer databasing, the largest known collections of their kind. Much of this work was published in 1994 in
Pat Jacobsen's First International Price Guide to Fruit Crate Labels, which features prices for over 9,000 currently (and formerly) available labels -- the most extensive book of its kind available anywhere. My experience is based upon many thousands of sales, trades, and two-decades of exhaustive research and travel around the Pacific Coast, America and the world, dealing with nearly 3,000 collectors, sources and institutions. The current Database contains more than 30,000 entries, and I am personally familiar with nearly 60,000 different labels.

So, if you have labels you wish to know more about, for insurance purposes, for curiositie's sake, or for potential sale, I am happy to help! My goal in the hobby is to help you get answers to your questions!

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Every kind of Fruit & Vegetable crate labels from around the world, especially California Orange box labels -- food can labels, salmon canning labels, cranberry labels, cigar labels, wine labels, product labels and many other kinds of labels, Vintage poster art, and more. I also specialize in the history of California Lithographers, especially San Francisco's many historic printers -- documents of nearly any type from these companies. I don't appraise:Trade cards, seed packets, or fruit "stickers," that is, the little sticky tags that come on individual pieces of fruit.

If you have labels to sell, the best advise I can give you, is to speak to someone reputable -- like those few of us who have twenty years in the label business and have books and price guides out to prove it. Lots of people want your rare labels. Even if you don't end up selling them to me, or selling them at all, I will be more than happy to help you learn what they are worth. If I can't help you, I will know another reputable person who can. You may see several books out about labels, but only two authors in California are truly qualified to help. Everyone else relies on their books, including the other authors. So, you may as well come straight to the source. Thanks! -- Pat (my books, and you can "google" Gordon McClelland 's books!)

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Please DO NOT send graphics to me via email, unless you contact me first. I can usually tell you about your labels, via email or the phone. But I live in an area where my computer speed is locked at 28.8 with little hpe of DSL even coming here. Graphics overload my email box, and they can take 20 minutes to load which is very time consuming and interferes with my normal email answering for the day. Please contact me first for info and possible instructions. One morning recently, someone sent me four graphics, which took 40 minutes to load, and it turned out they were common labels, I could not use my computer until they were loaded. They ended up being common so we both did not benifit from it.. Thanks for understanding. Please, just ask me first. - Pat


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