& Brussle Sprout Labels

This page features a list of large size vegetable labels. Asparagus labels have an unusual shape. Because asparagus spears are fatter at the bottom than the top, the actual wooden crates were built slightly wider at the bottom. Therefore, nearly all asparagus labels are wider at the bottom, too. The labels on this page date between the early 1930s and 1970s. The dimensions of asparagus labels are roughly 10" tall, 10.5" wide on the bottom, 9" wide across the top

The artichoke labels are square. 8.5" tall x 10" wide.


A. Vernoli & Son Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

Air King 4 engine jet plane flys over dynamic title, gold ribbon 5.00

Andy Boy smiling boy in center, titles around head 3.00

Backer's 2 men cut 'grass in field, river, mtns, sky, house, bunch 5.00

Bar-Kell angled golden title on geometric black bknd. 4.00

Big I Big red "I" title, man on horse in green 1.00

Blue Label angled white title on blue background. 2.00

Blue Mountain , bundle of spears in ribbon, rolling fields, title in sky 6.00

Bright Crest Plaid geom. designs, "Viet Arte" coat of arms, fist spear 4.00

Bronco (artichokes) cowboy atop bucking bronco. Great! 10.00

Calripe Green & whote logo on black 1.00

Carlotti (artichokes) yellow banner with text, round mtn/valley scene 5.00

Choice Fields title on big red wooden sign, mtns in bcgnd. 4.00

Coast King (brussel sprouts) gold crown on Bold title, blk label, red text 5.00

Cock-i-too Big yellow Cockitoo bird on blue stand 8.00

Cocksure Big crowing rooster on fence board crowing title 5.00

Coin stacks of gold & silver coins, red &white title 5.00

Creme de Menthe script title on "minty" green background 2.00

Del Monte "Early Garden" big red Del Monte Logo on green background 4.00

Ditto 5 color title over big bunch ribbon wrapped spears 4.00

Ed's Pride Ed's name in red and white on black background 3.00

FBM green & yellow brand, stars "Blue Ribbon Quality" 2.00

Garin-tee white airbrush title on big red "wax" seal 3.00

Garin-tee ,Gold Seal title over wax seal 2.00

General (artichokes) Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 18.00

Gold Cup, title over gold cup trophy,flowing blue ribbon 4.00

Green General military garb spear, winks. Big green title, 5 stars 12.00

Green Guard Military guard in green uniform, with rifle, red title 6.00

Green Head smiling Mallard duck on the water, airbrush title 10.00

Green Label angled white title on green. 2.00

H & M Handsom golden "metal" title badge on blue bkgd 2.00

Irvine's Finest Caballero atop horse stands over logo banner 1.00

J M B bold blue title over 2 bunches of spears 1.00

King o' Hearts Huge red heart with "King of hrts" playing card 3.00

King Oliver Big crown made of asp. spears, with "milady" slogan 2.00

King's Cadets 12 military cadets march in formation, shield/crown 7.00

Kingfish big green fish w/ crown jumps from water 8.00

Lodi King red label with Gold "metal" lettering title 2.00

Long Green Dollar bill curled around asparagus spear 4.00

Lucchesi Bros. (artichokes) Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

Maggio Indian chief prays to sky from cliff! 20.00

Mandeville airbrush red & yellow block title over logos 6.00

Mo-Chief blue ribbon bundle of spears over farm-field scene, mtn 35.00

Nadco pretty spanish girl dancing w/ tamborine, 2 guitarists 9.00

O-Gee blue ribbon "wax" seal over bold geometric title 4.00

Oakleigh Farm blue ribbon bundle of spears over farm-field scene, mtn 20.00

Oh Yes! We Grow The Best red titles in triangle, 2 bndls red ribbon spears! 8.00

Original yellow label, bent title over group of spears, blue ribbon 2.00

Our Union red white and blue flag chevron, with bundle of spears 3.00

Pacific Miss (artichokes) Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

Padre (artichokes) Great! Franciscan monk on mission balcnoy 65.00

Paga , red title bold lettering on black background 3.00

PDi Geometric white title on green, in two languages! 1.00

PEP Pretty spanish girl dancing, 2 guitarists 8.00

Perfex 3 huge spears of 'grass, red shield w/ grn ribbon 3.00

Pfyffer Bros. (sprouts) Big glass bowl of sprouts on blue/red/ylo label 5.00

Pride of the River, gorgeous steamship full of people on Sacto. River 15.00

Progress, San Francisco skyline w/ Bay Bridge, Transamerica Twr 10.00

Red Rooster Pretty red rooster in circular center, text around outside 4.00

Rexco Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

River Kist Red/white block title on black, w/ Lambert logo 20.00

River Lad Dutch boy stands on levy, windmill behind, (oval Blue Goose) 6.00

River Maid Dutch girl w/ basket on levy, river, windmill, boat 6.00

River Maid (new design) art-deco girl's face w/ flower in hair 3.00

Riviera blk/blu/red/grn label wuth oval delta farm scene 3.00

Rosetta red & yellow label wuth oval delta farm scene 3.00

Rushton Flat-out UGLY, two color label. 0.50

Russi's Gorgeous view artichoke field, house, ocean!!! 40.00

San Luis (artichokes) beautiful field scene 6.00

Sea-kist Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

Shamrock Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 6.00

Sidewalk yelo title, red label, green asp. bunch, walkway 1.00

Singer Cockiteel rests in title letters, red on green 10.00

Sky-Path prop plane skywrites red title on blue sky 5.00

snOboy - Picked for flavor smiling, waving snoman atop bunch of asparagus. Cute! 10.00

Snow Flight Gorgeous! Two flying mallards over river,mtns, field 20.00

South Carolina Asparagus rare, red, wht, blue, yelo label with bundled spears 17.00

Spring is Here !! 10 fairy princesses heralding fresh spears 40.00

Spring Time Magic 12 male Brownies/Elves dance & carry spears 25.00

Steamboat red label with round image of steamboat on river 25.00

Stock label (artichokes) 1/2 size version of larger stock 58 / 310 14.00

Stock Label - no title 2 large Bay sprigs frame a bunch of spears. 7.00

Stock Label - no title Bundle & Plate of asp. spears, ocean, cypress tree 12.00

Sutter Maid yellow title over spears, star, red ribbon 4.00

Symmond's "Quality" slanted title over big red sear and ribbon. Nice! 12.00

Talk of the Town striking black/white label w/ red ribbon bunch 2.00

Tee -n- Dee gold & red "metal" letters. Caochella Valley asparagus 8.00

U. Del Sarto (artichokes) Two huge delicious looking artichokes, red chevron on blue 12.00

West Gate giant gate/pillars over S.F. Bay, ship, sunset! 35.00

Winter-Green beautiful! gold title, blk label, snow-mtn fields, bunch! 8.00

Woozie-Woozie 2 cool owls, 2 dancing pudgy, bunch of spear 7.00

Zuyder Zee Neat geometric title on big sunrise. 8.00

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