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Nevada and Placer Counties

Over the years, I have kept a computer database of literally thousands of musicians, studios, venues, festivals, agents and other services, which I have gleaned from phone books, music industry trade publications, the Net's many and varied search engines, and even calling cards on studio walls. The database is private, meaning I am not letting it out in digital form. However, if you are seeking venues for your project, or studios to record in, or a producer for your CD, or need the names of a "bunch of drummers in the 916 or 530 area codes...." I can help. I don't charge anything for this. I built the database as a means to promote the bands I play in and manage. So if you need help finding players, feel free to call during normal weekday business hours, and if the computer is running, i will be happy to give you some leads. -- Pat


By the way, my own music resume is at <this link>

My former band history can be found <here>. Thanks!

And, one of the finest digital studios in this part of California is FLYING WHALE RECORDING in Grass Valley.


(Last update: 8/06)