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NEW FOR 2000

"Pat Jacobsen's Millennium Guide to Fruit Crate Labels"
-- A Collector's Guide and Price Catalogue

By Thomas P. "Pat" Jacobsen

I have been pounding away at the books and IT'S finished! The price is $59.99 for the one volume which will contain BOTH BOOKS -- ALL the information and prices in one volume. It will even have a section on the Internet, the Web, eBay, and how computing is changing the hobby in very significant ways!. To order, just send a check to the address below! Or, click here to learn more about this brand new release! <The New Millennuium Guide>

Previous Volumes Now out of print.

"Pat Jacobsen's Collector's Guide to Fruit Crate Labels," (INSIGHT) Thomas P. Jacobsen, 1994, Crate Expectations publishing, ISBN# 0-9640703-0-8, Library of Congress Card# 94-96071 :<CLICK HERE> To Read chapter One!

This volume contained authoritative historical facts about labels, printing, collecting, agricultural marketing, and many other related topics. It was fifteen years in the making and contains 240 fact-filled, pages, and over 370 illustrations, label images and maps. It clearly discusses over 125 label related subjects.There is also highly detailed information about the lithographic companies who created labels, and the processes they used. Facts about the farming communities who used labels are also included. It also lends deeper and insight into the diversity of the art-form as an artifact of a century of American life.

Pat Jacobsen's First International Price Guide to Fruit Crate Labels" (INDEX) Thomas P. Jacobsen, 1994, Crate Expectations Publishing Company, ISBN# 0- 9640703-1-6, Library of Congress Card# 94-96114: Featured a distilled history of labels and their use, plus a listing of over 9,000 different labels. This volume indexes over 9,000 individual, collectible labels for fast and easy reference. In this portable listing resource, collectors may quickly and easily identify labels in their own collections, and ones they may still be looking for.

CRATE EXPECTATIONS PUBLISHING, is a division of, which offers and ever-growing list of books and other forms of information for sale about labels and label collecting. In the past twenty years, several books have been released about labels of many different kinds, and other volumes are forthcoming. <Click here> for more information about these and other books!