A great deal has been written about the Florida citrus industry, because of its historic significance. Citrus fruits were first introduced there in the 1500s by Spanish explorers, and plantings have continued to the present. The first labels for use on citrus shipments from Florida seem to date to about 1904, but, there may be earlier ones. Local press, black and white labels may have been used in the early days of stenciling crates and barrels, but, that is not a certainty.

The following list represents over 500 collectible 9X9 citrus labels. There are over 1,000 known today, but, many are unique and may never come up for sale. Florida label collecting is a little younger than California, and the overall number of labels ever produce for use in Florida is projected to be much smaller than the number for California. In time, more brands may show up. Until then, this list will have to do.

"Aunty","black woman w/ bandana, oran blossoms","Bartow","10"

"Belle of Crescent City","girl feeds orange to man in the moon","Crescent City","18"

"Blu-Knight (7x7)","castle; armored knight on brn horse","Winter Haven","40"

"Blue Heron","round inset of heron by cattail","Brooksville","7"

"Blue Lake (7x7)","semi-nude indian maid in canoe","Winter Haven","20"

"Blue Tip","wht/blu tip feather on red-oran bkgnd","Winter Garden","6"

"Boss","stern southern gent w/ blk hat","Winter Garden","15"

"Bull Frog (7x7)","big bull frog on branch over pond; grove","Winter Garden","100"

"Cardinal","red bird leaving branch of flowering tree","Winter Garden","35"

"Circus","clown drinking glass of o.j.; elephants","Sarasota","35"

"Circus (strip)","clown drinking glass of o.j.; elephants","Sarasota","10"

"Clipper (7x7)","ocean sailing ship, ylo sun, sea gulls","Frostproof","8"

"Combat (7x7)","2 pirates knife-fight over chest of fruit","Winter Haven","20"

"Commander (7x7)","knight on wht horse, w/ orange sword","Orlando","20"

"Conchita Gifts","pretty spanish girl w/ flowers in hair","Miami","10"

"Cordial","glass of juice, cut oran., grft, leaves","Leesburg","5"

"Crown Jewel","title in red ribbon; blue crown, oranges","Lake Wales","5"

"Del Oro (7x7)","palms, sundown on gold lagoon","Orlando","24"

"Diamond R [ R]","wht R in red diamond on limb,leaves","Winter Garden","15"

"Dixie Boy","young black boy eats 1/2 peeled grapefruit","Waverly","15"

"El-West Delight","2 dancers, 2 hearts, 2 fruits","Wiersdale","6"

"Fidelity","red 7x7 label w/ 2 oranges","Orlando","15"

"Flint","2 white flint arrowheads","Wabasso","5"

"Flo","blonde girl in red suit on beach","Oak Hill","18"

"Flor'da-Sweet","bowl of citrus fruits on plate","Oak Hill","14"

"Florida Cowboy","cowboy rides bucking wht horse on grn","Kissimmee","18"

"Florida Cowboy (7x7)","cowboy rides bucking brn horse on grn","Kissimmee","10"

"Four X","title in triangle above info","","5"

"Full (4x9)","limb w/ leaves hugging an orange!","Waverly","8"

"Full (7x7)","limb w/ leaves hugging an orange!","Waverly","8"

"Golden Hill","inset pix of white packing house, train","Davenport","10"

"Golden Holly","inset pix of white packing house, train","Davenport","10"

"Good Will","indian offers bowl of oranges to whiteman","Oakland","10"

"Hearts Delight","*same art as El West Delight","Weirsdale","5"

"Holly Hill","round inset of packing house w/ train","Davenport","10"

"Horseshoe","shadow of horse-racers; horseshoe","Eustis","85"

"Huff's Best","inset view of grove rows, palms, sky","McIntosh","10"

"Huntsman","indian w/ bow and arrow, 3 birds above","Waverly","15"

"Hurdy Gurdy","cartoon organ-grinder w/ monkey","New York, N.Y.","10"

"Jolly Roger","ship at rest in cove; pirate w/ gun","Waverly","8"

"Jungle Garden","title over lagoon, moon, palms; indian","Vero Beach","15"

"Keen's Pride","title above pkg. house, water, groves","Frostproof","20"

"Merry Xmas (7x7)","3 men w/ camels, fruit, palms, bldgs","Davenport","25"

"Moccasin","red circle w/ beaded indian shoe","Tampa","35"

"Monogram","red,amber, title around blu monogram","Bartow","12"

"Moonbeam (7x7)","shining moon over evening grove scene","Oviedo","5"

"Moonbeam (8x8)","ribbon title over trees; round inset grove","Oviedo","15"

"Noble (7x7)","2 cut fruits on 2 plates w/ shield behind","Winter Haven","15"

"Norden","ylo map of Florida on blk/blu","Lake Wales","5"

"Orchid","1/2 grft in iced silver bowl on plate","Wabasso","7"

"Orkideer","fawn; 2 indians paddle canoe of oranges","Wabasso","7"

"Pepper","man in spiked shoes running","Waverly","6"

"Peter Piper","cartoon boy w/ horn; lots of fruit","Orlando","4"

"Pheasant, Keene's","wht title on blk label; walking bird","Winter Garden","20"

"Piney Woods Belle","inset of 19 pine trees; clustered fruit","Leesburg","25"

"Prince Of Wales","boy in purple, red rug, ylo pillars; ylo","Lake Wales","5"

"Razor Back","red title above black boar on ylo","Frostproof","45"

"Red Cloud (7x7)","indian man in headdress on blue label","Haines City","12"

"Red Deer (7x7)","grn title on blk, red horned deer","Winter Haven","15"

"Rider","frothing horse (rider) speed forward","Eustis","10"

"Right-o-Way","silver, streamlined train races left; oran","Orlando","25"

"Royal Arms","huge knight w/ sword & shield","Lake Wales","5"

"Royal Guard","ylo title; knight on white horse, coatarms","Lake Wales","4"

"Seald-Pep","red title on blue w/ bi-plane above it","Waverly","15"

"Seald-Pep (strip)","red title on blue w/ bi-plane above it","Waverly","8"

"Silver Medal","blue label (Ind. River in silver)","Sanford","5"

"Sky King (strip)","hunter in boat w/ shotgun; ducks, tules","Winter Garden","20"

"Sunnyside","grove rows to lake, (slogan inset)","Leesburg","8"

"Sunshine Fruits","flowers, palm grove, lagoon","Miami","5"

"Throne","throne in front of red drapes","Winter Garden","7"

"Tropic Gold","moonrise over lagoon, oranges on shore","Seville","8"

"Tropic Gold (7x7)","moonrise over lagoon, oranges on shore","Seville","4"

"Tru-tone (7x7)","vanishing title above brass bell","WInter Haven","14"

"Tru-Type (7x7)","Indian in blanket smokes pipe","Winter Haven","10"

"Tru-Type (""Ind. Riv. Frut"")","Indian in blanket smokes pipe","Winter Haven","25"

"Trublu (7x7)","gril's face in heart; flowers on corners","Winter Haven","15"

"Turnbull","info on water, trees, ylo/red title above","Oak Hill","20"

"Two Brothers (7x7)","heads of two men on coin","Orlando","20"

"Walter Hawkins","3 indians w/ canoe; river, palms; grove","Jacksonville","125"

"Whip","wht title; whip; 2 fruits, chkbd borders","Winter Haven","15"

"Wise Bird","moon against trees, owl, branch","Winter Garden","14"

"Woodpecker","diag title (7x7) bird on tree (rare)","Orlando","25"

"Wren","bird inset; title; swamp inset","Winter Garden","15"


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