One of the most prolific types of California fruit box labels, and one of the most diversly artistic, grape labels have been used since the turn of the century.

Collection of 354 all-different grape labels. This is an old collection, built some time ago, and contains hundreds of beautiful, old, labels, many with dates on the back, from lithographer's files. Most are from the countryside, and years of collecting. Some are common labels, some quite rare. This is the largest available group of grape labels, easily 100 more than any other dealer has ever offered. This is a one-time offer. The price is $2.00 each across the board, or $700. for the lot. You won't be dissappointed. Call for specifics, but don't delay.(Sold 3/6/99. Sorry)

The grape list is being prepared as we speak... and is about half done. The index is several thousand grape brands, and we are about half way through. But when the list gets here, it will be huge.-- Pat

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