I believe in promoting a sense of community in the label hobby -- there's room in this hobby for everyone, especially since each of us has something different to offer the collecting world. So, the best way for me to help and serve our visitors, is to assist them in learning more about the hobby. Therefore, the links below are provided as an opportunity for visitors to see what else is happening on the Internet, where label collecting is concerned. You will also find a crosslink on each of these sites -- in the spirit of fair play.

Those entities listed below are other label related sites, which I can reccommend. There are sites out there that I cannot reccommend. In the history of label collecting as a hobby, there have been many dealers, like myself, who have been in it since the "old days." But beware, there are also newcomers with flashy sites and loud claims, who have no long-term background. Only an interest in pretending to be more than they are! If you have any questions about these sites, then look around, especially at the links below, and get a feel for what is out there. There are those people who would capitalize on the work of others, just to get ahead. On the Net, it is easy to steal text, images, meta tags, and other elements of nearly any other site. Some people are simply mimicking the long-time work of others, to attract undue attention to themselves. So, if you want to know who the long-time label dealers are, email me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all -- that is what I am here for!!! -- Pat Jacobsen

There are sections below for Fruit and Vegetable label collectors, Cigar Label collectors, and Miscellaneous related links of collector interest. Some of these sites may deal in many different kinds of labels and ephemera, too, so check them all out, even if they are only in one category. Feel free too, to let them know you found their link on Please let us know if you find any problems in the use of these links and I will be happy to fix them -- Thank you!


LABELMAN.COM Is the site for collector, dealer, Ebay master label dealer, Dwayne Rogers. Click here and see what he is up to. Wayne

WWW.CFFA.ORG This link leads to the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association which has a site in two languages. It is certainly worth a look. This link leads to the nearly 30-year old Citurs Label Society in southern California. They offer a nice site, and a quarterly newsletter, as well as monthly and quarterly meetings in the south of California. Check it out. I have been a member for over 20 years. Here is a fun site, which features a number of interesting labels from the Northwest. - The Collectors Weekly, showcasing the best of antiques and collecting, has a great crate label page.


CIGAR LABEL COLLECTING RESOURCES is the Industry version of Tony Hyman's Museum. It has a pretty Home page. is mTony's personal version of his Museum.

These links are just for fun, and not necessarily label related.

GOOGLE.COM The greatest search engine on the Internet

DOGPILE.COM If you are interested in one of the GREAT search engines, one that searches 16-plus major engines simultaneously, give it a try. Patco uses it a lot and it has proven helpful in many instances.

EBAY.COM Some label dealers have been finding success promoting their labels on the Ebay virtual auction hall. Check it out.

FYI: If there are links you know about, that are not listed here, please let us know. We are happy to hear from you for any reason! <>

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